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Do I Qualify

Is The Spine & Disc Restoration (SDR) System Right For You?

Due to our high success rate, people often contact us and want to get started right away. However we are extremely selective about who we determine will be a good candidate for our program. This is why we have such a high success rate. The majority of our qualified candidates have experienced most of the following: (note this is only a general guideline)

    They have had chronic neck or back pain for longer than two years
    They have been to multiple physicians and diagnosed with one or more of the following:
    Degenerative Disc Disease
    Herniated/Bulging or Protruded/Extruded Disc
    Spinal Stenosis
    Facet Syndrome
    Fail Back Surgery Syndrome
    They experience pain up to several times per week that interferes with their work, home, or recreational activities.
    Their pain limits their ability to sit/stand for specific periods of time.
    They have pain and/or tingling that travels into their arms/hips/legs.
    They have undergone multiple injections with little or short term relief.
    They have been told surgery is their only option or undergone an unsuccessful surgery.

The only way to truly determine if you qualify for the Spine and Disc Restoration System is to undergo a complete and comprehensive examination with one of our spine and disc specialists. The consultation will occur over two separate visits to allow us to gather enough clinical information about your condition. We will order any specialized testing needed, and accurately report to you our findings to see if you qualify.

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What to Expect

Visit 1
    The first visit will consist of a 45 minute, one-on-one consultation where our specialist will review your health history and conduct a comprehensive physical exam. You will need to bring any past diagnostic studies you have undergone prior to this appointment.
    Weight bearing digital x-rays will be taken to show how your body reacts to gravity and function.
    You will receive a tour of our facility so you can get a complete idea of what we do.
    You will receive information regarding research on your specific condition to take home and ask questions about on your follow-up visit.

Visit 2
    After you have completed any specialized diagnostic testing you will return for a doctor's report of findings. The doctor will review all of the exam and diagnostic findings to determine if you qualify. If you do not qualify for care, the doctor will explain exactly why and make specific recommendations and/or referrals.
    You will watch an informational video describing the details about specific components to the Spine and Disc Restoration System so you know what to expect.
    You will have the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions so you can make an informed decision. Once all of your questions have been answered the doctor will outline your customized, step-by-step treatment plan.
    Lastly our insurance specialist will review your insurance coverage and determine what your out-of -pocket cost will be to receive care. If you do not have insurance, we offer many different payment options and credit programs to meet any budget.
    Since your program will involve multiple health providers (medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists), once you decide to do the program we will schedule out your visits accordingly.

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